Processing substance: Brass & Special Copper Alloy Such as BS 2874 CZ 121, UNS 36000, BS 249, etc...
Machining ability:
  • Brass Bar Turning & Machining on Automatic Lathe
  • Brass Bar CNC Machining and Turning
  • Brass Forging plus CNC Machining
  • Brass Casting plus CNC Machining
Processing Expertise in:
  • Brass Screw Machining & Turned Engineering Component
  • Specialized Turned Fasteners
  • Brass Threaded & Knurled Inserts
  • Brass Wire Terminals & RF Connectors
  • Lighting & Earthling Protection Parts, Cable Gland Systems
Additional Scope of Work: Complete assembly with Plastics and Rubber Parts
Processing Range: 2 mm to 50 mm Diameter
Design Aid Software: AutoCAD 3D, 3D Max Studio
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